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Program Overview

Strategic Account Planning (SAP) puts into practice the principles of strategic selling in a practical, productive working session. The format of the session allows the account team to apply strategic selling principles to their account and individual opportunities. The teams may then use the resulting data to generate account strategies focused on long-term revenue opportunities, relationship building, and business development.

Success Factors

engage with management team to establish clear objectives for the session
ensure account team has a clear understanding of session objectives
thorough critique of selected sales opportunity
engage and involve the audience, including remote team members
complete a draft/update of a strategic account plan for the selected account
create a 90-day critical action plan for account activity

Target Audience

Sales representatives, service representatives, sales support engineers, sales management, and sales executive management.

Media Length

Leader-led 1, 1-1/2, or 2 days


Strategic Selling or other major account-selling methodology course

Learning Objectives

Account teams leave the workshop with an enhanced ability to analyze their current business portfolio, create account messaging and opportunity-specific value propositions, review account-coverage models, and manage a realistic action plan resulting in revenue assurance, increased forecast accuracy, and accelerated demand creation for your company. These abilities include:

identifying additional business opportunities not currently addressed.
completing a competitive spend analysis to identify “capture” opportunities.
identifying existing projects/infrastructure needs that are required to meet the customer’s needs.
analyzing the customer’s operational expenses and identifying additional areas of sales opportunity.
developing a plan that identifies sales objectives, contacts, and follow-up activities.
focusing on the long-term sales strategy and as well as immediate requests.
developing a messaging framework to develop and manage perceptions of key executives in the account.
engaging with multiple business units within the customer organization and addressing their specific business needs in an effort to expand sales opportunities.
mapping appropriate relationship owners within your corporate, local, and executive teams.
coordinating sales activities with other members of the sales team.
Program Outline  
  Day One  
  Long-Term Account Vision
• Analyze strengths and weaknesses
• Assess and identify focus areas
• Determine strategic alignment

Strategy Application
• Assess strategies
• Develop strategic map
• Identify responses to competition

Messaging Strategies
• Develop messaging framework
• Develop value propositions
• Align messaging strategy
• Develop target list of key contacts

  Day Two  

Organizational Analysis
• Analyze the formal organization
• Discover the impact of influence
• Create relationship strategies
• Develop formal relationship map

Tactical Planning
• Develop action plan
• Identify key business and technical issues
• Develop follow-through checkpoint list

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